Park + Ride

Park + Ride-Schild, im Hintergrund Parkplätze

Dear P+R users,
the city of Freiburg would like to promote and simplify the switch from car to public transport. To this end, we had to make some changes to the city's park-and-ride system:

What are the new rules for using P+R facilities?

From 11th April 2023, new rules will apply for the park-and-ride carparks (P+R facilities) at the following tram stops: Gundelfinger Straße, Moosweiher, Paduaallee, Bissierstraße and Munzinger Straße. You will need a special P+R parking permit or a P+R combined ticket to park at a P+R carpark (KombiTicket). Alternatively, you can buy a one-day parking ticket. The aim of the new rules is to ensure that these carparks are actually available for drivers changing from their car to public transport, rather than being occupied by vehicles parked here for completely different reasons.

The aforementioned P+R facilities will continue to be available to the general public. For drivers parking their car in a P+R carpark in order to continue their journey by public transport, parking remains free of charge. Drivers wishing to park here without changing to public transport will be charged €7.50 per day. The maximum parking duration for all vehicles is 24 hours.

Holders of a RegioKarte, KombiTicket, Konuskarte, DB City Ticket, a day ticket or any other ticket valid within the RVF area for a certain duration are eligible for a free parking permit.

Free parking permits can be downloaded from and printed out (print-at- home), or issued at a VAG PlusPunkt shop. Various day tickets (Solo+, Duo+, Gruppe+) for the use of public transport including a free parking permit are available from parking ticket machines or via the mobile phone app (P+R combined ticket). The parking permit must be placed behind the windscreen.

For day visitors, the various versions of the TagesKarte day ticket make the switch to public transport easy by including free parking at a P+R facility. If you are planning to park for three to four hours, a TagesKarte day ticket will be cheaper than parking in one of the inner city carparks. What’s more, the TagesKarte entitles you to use all of Freiburg's public transport throughout the day.

Detailed information

Detailed information about P+R facilities and answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the Freiburger Verkehrs AG blog (in German) at:

Why will P+R facilities be managed in the future?

The P+R facilities in Freiburg are very popular with different user groups: Drivers parking their car to change to public transport for their onward journey, as well as drivers who use the P+R facilities without changing to public transport. While there are different – and often legitimate – reasons for the latter group to use the P+R facilities, the actual target group for which the P+R facilities were built ends up with an insufficient number of parking spaces. At times, cars whose drivers do not go on to using public transport occupy 50 percent of the P+R facilities.

The new rules are designed to encourage people to switch from their car to public transport to travel into the city centre. To this end, permanent occupation of the parking spaces by trailers, traders, delivery services, residents, etc. will be discouraged by the P+R facility management requiring a permit and limiting the parking duration. This should result in increased carpark capacity for the benefit of drivers wishing to transfer to public transport. The limited options for an expansion of the existing P+R facilities in particular has made this step necessary.

What are the future plans for the P+R facilities?

The management of P+R facilities is one of several components to encourage the switch from car to public transport. A second component is the expansion of P+R capacities by new construction, e.g. at the terminus stops of the planned Littenweiler and Dietenbach tram extensions. Where possible this will be done by extending existing ground-level parking or building a multi-storey carpark.

The third important component is the establishment of a virtual parking guidance system for the P+R facilities: Installing sensors will enable monitoring the occupancy of the P+R spaces and providing real-time information on free spaces at the P+R facility via the VAG mobil app. This will allow drivers to plan their way into the city centre more easily by turning to P+R facilities that have sufficient free parking spaces. The installation of the sensors will be accompanied by dynamic display boards being set up across the city to provide information about free capacities at P+R facilities. This will allow drivers to be directed to free spaces. These measures are set to be implemented in 2023/2024.

Prices and points of sale Price Parking ticket machine Mobile phone parking app VAG- online VAG- Pluspunkt
RVF public transport ticket + parking ticket          
TagesKarte (one-day ticket) Solo+: 1 adult + 4 children 6.30 Euro yes yes no no
TagesKarte (one-day ticket) Duo+: 2 adults + 4 children 9.50 Euro yes yes no no
TagesKarte (one-day group ticket) Gruppe +: 5 persons 12.60 Euro yes yes no no
Parking ticket for holders of monthly and annual tickets free of charge no no yes yes
Parking ticket without use of public transport 8.00 Euro yes yes no no

RVF tickets are valid until VAG stops operation at 3 a.m. following the day of purchase. Parking tickets entitle holders to park their vehicle for 24 hours.