Welcome back!

We are looking forward to your visit! Your health is our main concern, therefore the opening of the museums is subject to strict hygiene and protection requirements.

  • The number of visitors is limited according to the size of the respective exhibition area.
  • According to the house rules for municipal buildings, all visitors must wear masks. Please bring your own mask!
  • A guidance system with floor markings ensures that the minimum distance of two metres can be maintained in the exhibition rooms. Please show consideration for other visitors: Wait at stairs and narrow passages until the area is clear. Please also observe the distance rules when using the elevator: Let passengers get off first before getting on. Give way to visitors with restricted mobility.
  • Audio guides, hands-on stations and touch screens are temporarily unavailable.
  • For our public guided tours and other museum educational offers, you must register in advance. You can find more information on the respective offer in our calendar.
  • Posters provide information on hygiene and distance rules. Please adhere to the rules and follow the instructions of our staff.

We will keep you informed about all future developments on this website. If you have any questions, please contact museen@stadt.freiburg.de.

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