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Pictograms, Signs of Life, Emojis: The Society of Signs

7 May to 12 September 2021

It is difficult to imagine our everyday lives without emojis. They have spread worldwide via messenger and social media and expanded our possibilities of expression by thousands of pictorial symbols. In the process, they are changing our language and the way we communicate digitally. As a symbolic language beyond words, they bridge boundaries and fundamentally alter modes of communication. Do they expand our possibilities of expression or do they further restrict them through rigid categories and graphic typifications? Where do they come from? The exhibition tells the story of the modern pictogram from its beginnings in the 1920s until to the present day and shows how social change and design coexist and influence one another.


Foresta Nera – Eine Ausstellung zu ausgewählten Werken von Friedemann Hahn

1 April to 29 August 2021

Large formats and bold colours applied with rapid brushstrokes are the salient features of Friedemann Hahn’s paintings (b. 1949). Their various titles, such as “Painting and Guns”, “Glauser”, “Le Samourai”, or “Lichtung (after E. L. Kirchner)”, embody diverse, complex frames of reference. Hahn's work revolves around stories drawn from literature, art and the temperaments of individual artists, the milestones of film noir, as well as troves of works from popular culture. Hahn is particularly fascinated by modern legends about people who wander along the brink of their individual social event horizons, a theme he negotiates anew time andtime again.


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