March 14th - June 7th

30 + 30 retro/perspektiv

Dix, Macke, Oppenheim & Co.

Museum für Neue Kunst ​

The Museum für Neue Kunst celebrates its thirtieth anniversary in 2015. In honour of this occasion, the Museum has decided to turn its attention to the starting point and cornerstone of its collection, namely the well-known works of classical modernism. Experts from a diverse array of disciplines have been invited to reflect and comment upon thirty works by renowned artists. The result has been a fascinating range of essays, poems, short stories, video works, as well as spatial and sound installations with an emphasis on viewer interaction.

The contributions from the fields of literature, scenography, music, psychology, ethnology and other disciplines bring their own specific vernacular to bear on the works in question and offer thought-provoking impulses. Their sources of inspiration are multi-layered: They are influenced by formal aspects of individual works, moods, as well as historical, geographical, political or biographical backgrounds. Some of the contributions investigate the various relationships between the artists, the works, the viewers and the museum; alternatively, they deal with artistic, financial, social or personal values. Yet other contributors come up with their own fiction inspired by the artworks and their subject matters. The exhibition display, designed by the artist couple, Hösl & Mihaljevic, envisages the removal of the artworks from the walls and the pedestals for these new and unexpected encounters. Taken en masse, the diversity of voices and perspectives within 30+30 retro/perspective reflects the contemporary approach to art as well as the wideranging and multifaceted scope of the museum’s work.

Hans Arp | Willi Baumeister | Rudolf Belling | Julius Bissier | Rudolf Dischinger | Otto Dix | Max Ernst | Lyonel Feininger | Günter Fruhtrunk | K.O. Götz | Rudolf Großmann | Erich Heckel | Karl Hofer | Karl Hubbuch | Alexander Kanoldt | Oskar Kokoschka | August Macke | Paula Modersohn-Becker | Priska von Martin | Rudolf Möller | Hanna Nagel | Meret Oppenheim | Max Pechstein | Hermann Scherer | Wilhelm Schnarrenberger | Georg Scholz | Niklaus Stoecklin | Wladimir L. von Zabotin

Hans Arp | Ulf Aminde, Felix Ensslin & Kollegen | Felicitas Baumeister | Till Briegleb | Paul Brodowsky | Margarete Brüll | Jens Burde | Dietmar Dath | John von Düffel | Christian Falsnaes | Anne Gesthuysen | Norbert Grob | Jens Harder | Wolfgang Henze | Michael K. Iwoleit | James Kirby | Stefan Koldehoff | Kunstgeschichtliches Institut der Albert-Ludwig-Universität Freiburg | Adam Linder | Annette Pehnt | Steffen Popp | Georg Stenger | Andreas Stichmann | Klaus Theweleit | Marga Trescher | Lot Vekemans | Dagmar Vinz | Marc Wittmann | Julia Zange | Matthias Zschokke

Extracts from the accompanying booklets

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