Gemälde von Hermann Scherer
Hermann Scherer, Berglandschaft Sertigtal-Davos, um 1923/24 © Galerie Iris Wazzau, Foto: Jakob Jägli

Expressionist Scherer

Museum für Neue Kunst | 28/09/2019 – 15/03/2020

Tuschezeichnung von Julius Bissier
Drone picture from the Vaka in the lagoon in Marshall Islands (Enewetak) © Foto: Okeanos Foundation for the Sea, Dena Seidel und Steven Holloway

The South Seas – Dream and Reality

Museum Natur und Mensch | 08/06/2019 – 02/02/2020

Heike Gohres: Das. Das war es. Jetzt hat es begonnen… , 2018 (Einzelbild)

Tales & Identities

Archäologisches Museum Colombischlössle | 27/09/2018 – 01/12/2019



Expressionist Scherer

28/09/2019 – 15/03/2020

Nudes en plein air, a rugged mountain world, portraits of friends or literary characters, such as Dostoevsky’s famous Raskolnikov: in his all-too brief life, Hermann Scherer (1893–1927) accomplished a great deal and created an impressive oeuvre. Today, the Baden native is considered one of the most important expressionists in Switzerland.


The South Seas – Dream and Reality

08/06/2019 – 02/02/2020

Sunshine, palm-fringed beaches and azure-blue sea: the travel reports of famous explorers and the portraits of artists still convey the image of the South Sea as a paradise on earth. … More …


Tales & Identities

27/09/2018 – 01/12/2019

The exhibition "Tales & Identities" has been especially conceived for children. With the aid of stories it breathes life into the world of Celts and Romans. … More …



freiburg.archeology – 200 Years of Research in the City

14/12/2019 – 04/10/2020

Since the 18th century, city historians and archaeologists have been researching on Freiburg's building sites. In the course of time they have systematised and refined their documentation methods. An outstanding example of the archaeological research on buildings is the Museum für Stadtgeschichte itself. By means of remains and excavation findings, visitors to the building can learn about its development from a late medieval dwelling house via a baroque artist's residence to the museum.


The Roman Legionary

24/10/2019 – 29/11/2020

For 200 years, Roman legionaries shaped life on the Upper Rhine. Their main task was to safeguard the borders of the Empire. Yet what did the soldiers do in times when there was no war? The young men came from all parts of the Roman Empire that extended in its heyday from Egypt to Britain. With their diverse skills and expertise they brought innovations in technology, education and religion, whose influence has persisted up the present day.


freiburg.archeology – 900 Years of Life in the City

23/11/2019 – 04/10/2020

Information about how the town of Freiburg emerged and developed is to be found not only in documents and files but also in the earth. Archaeological items from underground create direct access to the living worlds of people from times past. On the occasion of Freiburg's 900th anniversary, the town's museums in collaboration with the State Office for Monument Preservation are presenting for the first time an overview of the archaeological research into the history of Freiburg over the past 150 years, from its beginnings up to the 2. World War.


Max Beckmann. The Classen Collection

26/10/2019 – 16/02/2020

by Museum für Neue Kunst

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