Glasschale aus Ihringen am Kaiserstuhl, um 500 v. Chr., Foto: M. Schreiner © Archäologisches Landesmuseum Baden-Württemberg

Archäologisches Museum Colombischlössle | From 30/03/2017

Foto: fotolia, katatonia

Museum für Stadtgeschichte | 14 March – 16 September 2018

Noël Le Mire nach Jean-Michel Moreau le Jeune: Der erste Kuss der Liebe, 1773, Radierung und Kupferstich, Foto: Axel Killian

Augustinermusem - Haus der Graphischen Sammlung | 24 February – 3rd June 2018

Mensch, Biene!, Foto: Marco Sepulveda

Museum Natur und Mensch | 10 May 2018 – 10 February 2019

Tobias Donat, Departure & Arrival, 2017, Courtesy the artist and Philipp Pflug Contemporary, Frankfurt am Main, Photo: Wolfgang Günzel

Museum für Neue Kunst | 28 April – 7 October 2018

Tuschezeichnung von Julius Bissier
Julius Bissier, 29.4.1957, 1957, Tusche, Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen © VG BILD-KUNST, Bonn 2017, Foto: Achim Kukulies

Augustinermuseum | May 19 – September 23 2018



La France – Between Enlightenment and Gallantry.

24 February – 3rd June 2018

Masterworks of Graphic Reproduction from the Era of Watteau

In the 18th century, book illustration was flourishing in France: the bourgeoisie could not get enough illustrated novels and poems - also popular were print series of Rococo paintings.… More …


Humans and Bees

10 May 2018 – 10 February 2019

Bees have been popular creatures at the latest since the children's programme "Maja the Bee". Yet at the same time many people encounter bees with anxious respect. … More …


#freiburgsammelt. Erinnerungen für morgen.

14 March – 16 September 2018

Freiburg collects, Freiburg remembers, Freiburg narrates: the exhibition developed together with the citizens of Freiburg is all about the collecting of memories: What is a collection?… More …


Julius Bissier and East Asia. In the Realm of my Imagination

19. Mai – 23. September 2018

Although Julius Bissier never actually visited East Asia, the art and culture of old Japan and China were a source of great inspiration for him. His idea of East Asia was made up of the things he had seen, read and heard. Meeting the ethnologist and art expert, Ernst Grosse, and the subsequent introduction to his East Asian collection provided the young artist with an important impetus for his career. The affect on his method of working was radical: oils and canvas made way for ink, paper and small-format paintings. From the early 1930s onward, Bissier's work became increasingly abstract. His multi-layered engagement with East Asia shaped the realm of his imagination throughout his life.



28 April – 7 October 2018

A collaboration with La Kunsthalle - Centre d'art contemporain Mulhouse

A number of young, international artists from Canada, New Zealand, Pakistan and South Africa, among other countries, are guesting at the Museum für Neue Kunst. Their work veritably abducts us into virtual realms as it explores the influence of this space on our perception. In order to do this, the artists deploy the most up-to-date technology, such as HoloLens and Oculus Rift. … More …


Iron - Power - Wealth

From 30/03/2017

Finds of international significance are the focus of the newly arranged exhibition on the Iron Age in South Baden. Quite outstanding is the oldest glass bowl north of the Alps from Ihringen am Kaiserstuhl. The walk-in burial chamber from Kappel on the Rhine enables visitors to time-travel to a bygone era 2,500 years ago.

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