Celts for Kids – A journey into the Iron Age

30 November 2023 – 1st September 2024

Through the comic heroes Asterix and Obelix, the Celts are known as comical ruffians. But what were people really up to in the Iron Age? How did they live here in Breisgau? An interactive discovery tour shows that the Celts were not only courageous heroes, but also pioneers in arts and crafts. They travelled far and wide and traded. Unique finds, hands-on stations and illustrations invite children and young people on an exciting journey through time.



18 May to 3 November 2024

Magnificent golds and bright colors, elegant lines and refined artistic techniques - this is how precious Italian paintings by Fra Angelico, Guido da Siena or Sandro Botticelli inspire. They were created in famous art centers such as Florence or Siena. The exhibition shows the pictorial world of churches and private devotion, but also offers insights into the art of stately courts. The Lindenau Museum in Altenburg owns one of the most important collections of Italian paintings from the 13th to the early 16th century abroad. On the occasion of its renovation, the treasures are guests in Freiburg. 


listening differently

15 March to 8 September 2024

Worlds of sound. They are as diverse as our perception. You can hear them, see them or feel them. Participative and integrative, the exhibition opens up to all visitors - young and old, with handicap and without - different, active approaches to artworks dedicated to this theme. The electronic works of Peter Vogel, for example, react sometimes visually, sometimes acoustically to the actions of the audience. Others stimulate the imagination and create sounds in our heads.
Peter Ablinger | Nevin Aladağ | Laurie Anderson | Katja Aufleger | Ay-O | Sophia Bauer | Susan Hiller | Timo Kahlen | Christina Kubisch | Katalin Ladik | Matthias Mansen | Alison O’Daniel | Stefan Roszak | Michel Sauer | Liza Sylvestre | Steina Vasulka | Peter Vogel

The project is supported by the Innovation Fund Art and the Renate and Waltraut Sick foundation.