Gemälde von Christa Näher
Christa Näher, Kairos, 2017© Sammlung Grässlin, Foto: Wolfgang Günzel, Offenbach

Friendly Game

Museum für Neue Kunst | 13.4. – 8.9. 2019

Tuschezeichnung von Julius Bissier
Drone picture from the Vaka in the lagoon in Marshall Islands (Enewetak) © Foto: Okeanos Foundation for the Sea, Dena Seidel und Steven Holloway

The South Seas – Dream and Reality

Museum Natur und Mensch | June 8th until February 2nd 2020



Friendly Game

13.4. – 8.9. 2019

For a new edition of the series Freundschaftsspiel | Friendly Game, diverse works ranging from classical modernism to the present day will engage in a dialogue with one another. Two collections supply the players: Martin Kippenberger, Isa Genzken or Mark Dion – from the heart of the Black Forest, the Grässlin family provides contemporary art of international standing. The Museum für Neue Kunst has positioned its own squad ranging from Max Pechstein to Amelie von Wulffen via Günter Fruhtrunk.


The South Seas – Dream and Reality

June 8th until February 2nd 2020

Sunshine, palm-fringed beaches and azure-blue sea: the travel reports of famous explorers and the portraits of artists still convey the image of the South Sea as a paradise on earth. The reality, however, is different: the people are experiencing the ripple effects of colonialism as well as the consequences of global climate change. With objects from its ethnological and natural science collection, the Museum Natur und Mensch is presenting a complex portrait of the region, its inhabitants and its history.

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