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The museum constitutes a forum for important artistic and social debates. It questions recent developments and opens new perspectives. Vitality and change are constantly on the agenda. Special exhibitions are reflecting elementary topics of everyday life. A selection of Classical Modernism out of the many works of the 20th and 21st century are always on display.

Current Events: "Seeing and breathing" with Jana Unmüßig

"Seeing and Breathing" – Workshop with Jana Unmüßig (in English)"
Monday, 15 February 2021, 6 pm, online
Seeing is a performative action. Seeing entails moments where decisions are
taken. And through them, attention is bundled. This process offers the seer
the possibility to get a sense of location. One always sees from a
particular point of view. When seeing something at first, most often, the
seer objectifies what is seen. The seer identifies as the subject that sees
an object.
In the workshop "Seeing and Breathing" we play with possibilities to let go
of this subject-object relation. Two means for this reformulation is body
awareness and duration.
In the two-hour long workshop we examine how seeing and breathing are
interconnected through short bodily exercises of visual perception. The
experimentation is framed through a short lecture of around 10 minutes.
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Porträt Jana Unmüßig
Choreografin Jana Unmüßig. Foto: Courtesy of the artist.
Blick in die Ausstellung, Foto: Bernhard Strauss
Blick in die Ausstellung, Foto: Bernhard Strauss
Blick in die Ausstellung, Foto: Bernhard Strauss

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