19 May 2021 to 23 January 2022

Animal poisonous!

Museum Natur und Mensch

Eye to eye with the largest poisonous snake in the world, the king cobra, or the most venomous, the inland taipan - this exhibition makes it possible!

Scorpions, tarantulas, black widows, nature has equipped them all with a super weapon: venom! They have been using it for millions of years to protect themselves from enemies or to catch prey themselves. But how dangerous are rattlesnakes and the like for us humans? The name of the poison dart frog already advises caution, but should we also beware of velvet grasshoppers or giant centipedes?

On their expedition through the museum, curious visitors observe the living animals in their terrariums up close. They explore how differently the poisons work and how medicine makes use of them.

Blattgrüne Mamba Dendroaspis angusticeps, Foto: Markus Oulehla
Blattgrüne Mamba Dendroaspis angusticeps, Foto: Markus Oulehla
Musterblatt aus der Piktogramm-Enzyklopädie, 1925–34, Österreichisches Gesellschafts- und Wirtschaftsmuseum Wien, Foto: Peter Hinschläger
Schrecklicher Pfeilgiftfrosch, Foto: Steige
Wolfgang Schmidt, all the things you are, 1973, INTeF Darmstadt, Foto: Peter Hinschläger
Königskobra, Foto: Steige
Pati Hill, Proposal for a Universal Language of Symbols: Pronouns, 1977-79, Pati Hill Collection, Arcadia University, Glenside, Pennsylvania, USA, Foto: Peter Hinschläger
Vogelspinne, Foto: Steige


Please note that children under 10 are only admitted when accompanied by an adult. Animals are not allowed in the museum buildings, with the exception of assistance dogs.

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Wednesday to Sunday: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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5 euros / concessions 3 euros

Free entry for those under 27 and with the Museums-PASS-Musées.


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