30/01/2016 - 08/01/2017

My Little Treasure Chest

Augustinermuseum ​ ​

Where do you keep your most precious treasure? In a tin, a box, a bag? And is the treasure so valuable that its container has to match its splendour?

At all times and in all cultures, people have kept little valuables and personal treasures in special receptacles. These are often adorned as artistically as their content. Elaborately carved, decorated with fine inlaid work or skilfully embroidered, they reflect the value and significance of the "treasure". Cases, caskets and cassettes have the advantage that one can carry them around and they are thus always close to their owners.

The cabinet exhibition shows items from eight centuries from the Augustiner Museum and the Ethnological Collection of the Museum Natur und Mensch.

Federschale mit Deckel, Neuseeland, 19./20. Jh., Ethnologische Sammlung Museum Natur und Mensch, Foto: Axel Killian
Reliquienkästchen, Münsterschatz, Freiburg, Ende 13. Jh., Leihgabe des Münsterfabrikfonds Freiburg. Foto: Axel Killian
Strohetui mit Ansicht von Schloss Ortenberg, 19. Jh., Zigarrenetui, Nordamerika, Mitte 19. Jh., Ethnologische Sammlung Museum Natur und Mensch, Foto: Axel Killian
Spielkassette mit Jetons, Frankreich, um 1800, Foto: Axel Killian
Gürteltasche, 16. Jh., Foto: Axel Killian
Spanschachtel, Anfang 20. Jh., Foto: Axel Killian


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