Immigrant Clubs and Associations

Immigrant Associations
Freiburg has an active community life that also includes numerous immigrant associations. These give you the chance to actively participate and contribute to the community.
Information and contact:

Office for Migration and Integration – Department 2 Integration

Jacobistr. 14 , 79104 Freiburg
Frau Eckenbach (allgemeine Ansprechpartnerin für Migrantenvereine)
0761/ 2 01-63 34
Frau Hausner (Ansprechpartnerin für Migrantenvereine zu Fördermöglichkeiten für Projekte)
0761/ 2 01-63 36

nach Vereinbarung

A.C.L.I: Associazioni Cristiane Lavoratori Internazionali

Christian Movement of Italian Workers

Frau Baronchelli
Schwarzwaldstr. 6 , 79102 Freiburg
0761 / 73545

Mo-Fr 9.30-12 Uhr, 16-18 Uhr

Services: Meetings, seminars, conferences, festivals and recreational activities with families, women,
seniors etc.

Academic Platform Freiburg (Akademische Plattform Freiburg e. V.)

Postfach 1152 , 79011 Freiburg
Herr Kemal Türk
0172 2618592

Services: Priorities and goals: education, culture, primary school (Regenbogen private primary school) tutoring (Harmonie Bildungsforum).

Arabic-German Cultural Association (Arabisch-Deutscher Kulturverein)

Ferdinand-Kopf-Straße 3 , 79117 Freiburg
Nidal Mustapha
0172 9752940
Ghadeer Romman
0173 6883479

Services: cultural events, music, theatre, speaking events and public art.

Association of Senegalese Citizens in Freiburg i.Br. (Association des Ressortissants Sénégalais de Freiburg i.Br. e. V. (ARSF e. V.))

Hauptstr. 41 , 79104 Freiburg
Cheikh Fall
07663 / 942290

Services: Monthly meetings, culture series Takkussan: film and musical evenings, festivals, football tournaments, participation in multicultural events with ethnic food and drinks.

Association of Gambians Freiburg e. V.

Lise-Meitner Str. 21 , 79100 Freiburg
0761 / 5853098
Ebou Ceesay
0173 6404253
Abou Bojang
0173 3843095

Services: Guidance and assistance for members in need and other interested people in Germany and Gambia. Strengthening the sense of community of Gambians in Germany. Providing support to better understand German society including its rules and standards (integration assistance).

Freiburg Brazil Initiative (Brasilieninitiative Freiburg)

Walter-Gropius-Str. 2 , 79100 Freiburg
0761 / 5562572
Günther Schulz
Peter von Wogau

Services: Information events; publication of the semi-annual magazine "BrasilienNachrichten" (Brazil Newsm (, German-Brazilian library; on request provision of information on Brazil.

Italian Cultural Center (Centro Culturale Italiano)

Maria-Theresia Str. 25 , 79102 Freiburg
Alessandra Ballesi-Hanse

Services: Intercultural exchange, readings, concerts, film screenings, lectures, exhibitions.

German-Afghan Initiative (Deutsch-Afghanische Initiative e. V.)

Nägeleseestr. 20 , 79102 Freiburg
Sybilla Wadewitz
0761 / 8814854

Services: In Germany: lectures, fundraisers at German partner schools. In Afghanistan: building and renovating schools, embroidery projects, nomad projects, support for women’s centres.

German-Italian Dante Alighieri Association (Deutsch-Italienische Dante Alighieri-Gesellschaft)

Auwaldstr. 35 , 79110 Freiburg
Rolf Grammelspacher
0761 / 1561427

Services: Promotion of understanding among nations, encounters, cultural exchange, education; lectures, concerts, readings, exhibitions, meetings / discussion groups both for Italian - and also for German speakers, Italian language courses.

German-Croatian Association (Deutsch-Kroatische Gesellschaft e. V.)

Postfach 806 , 79008 Freiburg
Bozo Cicak

Services: Humanitarian aid for charitable purposes, maintenance of Croatian culture and cultural
exchange; concerts, festivals, film festivals.

German-Turkish Parents' Association for Freiburg and Surroundings -DTEV (Deutsch-Türkischer Elternverein Freiburg und Umgebung e. V. )

Ferdinand-Weiß-Str. 117 , 79106 Freiburg
Frau Gül Acar

Services: Projects to improve education and training opportunities for young people of Turkish descent; counselling events for parents and students; projects promoting participation in an inclusive society. DtEV is committed to the preservation of cultural identity and fosters teaching of the native language in schools. Events: among others, "23. Nisan – Internationales Kinderfest", readings for children in the Turkish language.

"Dona Flor" – German-Brazilian Cultural Association (Dona Flor – deutsch brasilianischer Kulturverein e. V.)

Postfach 335 , 79003 Freiburg
Célia Pereira Gabriel
0160 90243738
Vera Baumgart-John
0175 5944502

Services: Typical Brazilian festivals such as "carnaval" and "Festa de Sao Joao" (Saint John’s Festival), information sessions on socio-cultural issues and the annual "Cine Brasil" in
cooperation with local theatres. The association works closely with the Brazilian Consulate in Munich. Music: "Som dom Brasil" (Brazilian songs - classical, popular and folk songs); support
of development projects in Brazil.

Freiburg DITIB Mevlana Mosque (Freiburg DITIB Mevlana Moschee e. V.)

Mooswaldallee 6 , 79108 Freiburg
Süleyman Ince
0761 / 48977148

Services: The association’s aim is to give Muslims a place to practise their faith and to contribute to integration; various activities in the social sector (education, sports and cultural services).

Freiburg Cultural Association for Turkish Students - Kulturk (Freiburger Kulturverein Türkischer Studierender - Kulturk e. V.)

Belfortstr. 24 , 79098 Freiburg
0176 24382316
Sati Karakütük
0176 77088717

Services: The members of this association study at local universities and offer Turkish students support when entering university life. (Active members are Germans, Turks, Macedonians,
Greeks, Azerbaijanis, Tatars ...) The Association emphasizes political and religious neutrality. Other activities: folk dance classes, workshops on Turkish (folk) art, readings, cooking classes, evening get- togethers.

Ghana Union Freiburg

Komturstr. 36 , 79106 Freiburg
Kwame Offei-Yeboah
1738 577459

Services: Promotion and presentation of the Ghanaian culture and German-African relations; collaboration with the Ghanaian Embassy in Berlin. Membership is open to anyone. Organization of workshops, lectures, seminars and projects on social, cultural and political issues (marriage / family, illegitimate children, children's rights, education, citizenship, naturalization, right of asylum, German electoral law, finance and insurance, integration programmes and return to Ghana.); summer and Christmas parties.

IDAV Intercultural German-African Association (Interkultureller deutschafrikanischer Verein IDAV e. V.)

Elsässer Str. 17 f, 79110 Freiburg
Frau Dr. Sylvie Nantcha
0761 / 1 55 74 49 und 0176 77158200

Services: Events; discussions; evening get-togethers with the goal of promoting intercultural understanding between Germans and Africans.

IGBO Community Union

Sulzburger Str. 18 , 79114 Freiburg
Philip Duru
0160 94129051

Services: Promoting a better understanding between IGBO groups and Germans (integration), promotion of culture and tradition, also with social activities; dance/drumming group; language courses for children; visits when a family member has died, donations to SOS Children's Villages/orphanages in Nigeria.

FAIRburg Intercultural Association (Interkultureller Verein FAIRburg e. V)

Poststr. 2 , 79098 Freiburg
0761 / 15 64 85 79

Services: Promoting a harmonious and interactive coexistence of all people in Freiburg, regardless of race, religion, language or culture in Freiburg. The association works with various internal committees concerned with various thematic priorities (Family Commission, Arts and Culture Commission, Ecology and Energy Commission, Youth and Seniors Commission, Education Commission, Training and Labour Commission, etc.). These commissions host multi-cultural events such as theatre productions, readings and many others.

Freiburg International Christian Community (Internationale Christengemeinde Freiburg)

Services: A community originally founded by Africans which today is open for people from many cultures and nations.

Freiburg Islamic Center (Islamisches Zentrum Freiburg e. V.)

Hugstetter Str. 36 , 79106 Freiburg
Mehmet Ziya Celik
0761 / 2023527

Services_Islamisches Zentrum Freiburg e. V. (IZFR) is a Muslim community, whose members come from various regions of the Islamic world and from Germany itself. It provides social space for meeting people, for leisure activities, cultural services and for practising one’s religion. It is also the place where all kinds of social and personal conflicts are resolved. This makes the Centre a cultural, religious, family and counselling centre all in one.

Freiburg Cultural Center for Education and Integration (Kulturzentrum für Bildung und Integration e.V. Freiburg)

Habsburgerstr. 79 , 79104 Freiburg
Herr Cemil Ünver
0761 / 383 99 99

Services: First and foremost, the association works for the religious needs of Muslims living in and around Freiburg and supports them in everyday religious matters; it also organizes facilities in which to perform the daily ritual prayers, Friday and festive prayers, lectures and the hajj; religious education for Muslim children and juveniles. Social Services, including educational, vocational and academic support, services that will lead young people to social responsibility and social commitment.

MigraZentrum e. V.

Friedhofstr. 33 , 79106 Freiburg
0177 6061417

Services: Promoting the integration of people with immigrant background, regardless of their ethnic, religious and national affiliation and gender identity. The association focuses on "genital mutilation" and is a counselling centre for women. It is committed to promoting the protection and integration of women who come up against limits in dealing with their situation in a culture that is foreign to them and in conflict with their own culture. Events: information evenings, film screenings, book stalls for those interested, contact point for women concerned and educational sessions; fairy tale evenings for intercultural understanding and tolerance.

Patronato Acli e. V.

Schwarzwaldstr. 6 , 79102 Freiburg
0761 / 700201
Ambra Veronica Robolini
Ulrike Thomann

Services: Easily accessible counselling services; social counselling (pension, German Social Code Vol. II, family assistance). The free consultation is independent of age and denomination and is also offered in Italian; information events.


Schwarzwaldstr. 6 , 79102 Freiburg
Frau Goddar
0761 / 73545

Services: Promoting education, helping persons in need, offering volunteer services for Italian citizens seeking help from the association. Activities: assistance and support with the language during appointments with government agencies, at hospitals and other institutions. Assistance in understanding German and Italian documents; psychosocial counselling and treatment of the mentally ill by a licensed bilingual psychotherapist; educational courses; projects promoting educational, vocational and social integration; seminars, lectures.

Freiburg Office for Roma (Roma Büro Freiburg)

Ensisheimer Str. 20 , 79110 Freiburg
Tomas Wald
0151 46518600, 0761 / 89739820

Services: The Roma office is a self-help organization of war refugees from former Yugoslavia, most of whom are ethnic Roma. We not only want to preserve our own culture, but also develop culture in a new Europe through interaction with the rich regional cultures. Activities: counselling, seminars, workshops, recreational activities, classes and cultural events.

Sri Lankan-German Association (Sri-Lankisch-Deutscher Verein e. V.)

Etzmattenstr. 22 , 79112 Freiburg
Herr Lipali Amarasinghe
07664 /9149928

Services: Support for the concerns of all Sri Lankans living here; help for Sri Lankans in need living in Sri Lanka; Sri Lankan New Year; Christmas; 3. Inviting Buddhist monks and spending the day in accordance with Buddhist teachings; monthly meeting – having lunch together.

"Türk.HOG" Turkish Cultural Association (Türk.HOG Verein für türkische Kultur e. V.)

Faulerstr. 8 , 79098 Freiburg
Ali Demirbüker
0761 / 1208973

Services: Promotion of intercultural life and togetherness; promotion of Turkish culture with Turkish folk dances and music; weekly open meetings, appearances at the intercultural events, political and cultural events that promote intercultural understanding.

"WIRKE" Association – workshop for intercultural resources, art and development (WIRKE e. V.-Werkstatt für Interkulturelle Ressourcen, Kunst und Entwicklung)

Am Hörchersberg 7 , 79117 Freiburg
Frau Cornelia Hecklau
0761 / 3690503

Services: Promoting education, parenting, art and culture to foster international understanding; involvement in youth services; cultural projects (concerts, festivals, cultural exchange programmes and intercultural theatre, etc.); media education programmes (especially in the area of digital media - for children, youths and adults); integrative projects.



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