Welcome to the Mundenhof animal and nature adventure park

The Mundenhof is open again!

The Mundenhof is now open to the public again. We try to keep the number of visitors who are at the farm at the same time below 2.000 persons. Therefore, please use the quieter mornings or the time after 5 pm if possible. The current distance rules and hygiene regulations apply.

Online parking ticket

Arrival by car is only possible with a valid online parking ticket. This ticket is valid for a specific day, but is not bound to any time of day. Please note that the contingent of parking spaces is limited. The online parking tickets are available at Please have your ticket printed out or on your smartphone ready for the parking service. Visitors with a yearly parking card or a parking permit for the disabled can park as before, unannounced, without online pre-booking.

Also important

  • There are two entrances: at the main entrance and at the donation monkey at the inner area. Further entrances are closed!
  • Our walk-in enclosures and the aquarium remain closed.
  • Feeding rounds, guided tours and other events are currently not available.
  • All events are cancelled until the end of August.
  • Please respect that the keepers should avoid personal contact with visitors at the moment.
  • The farmhouse and the beer garden are open.
  • Owners of an annual parking card, which is or was valid from March to May, will be credited two additional months when purchasing a new annual parking card.
  • You want to support the Mundenhof financially? Become an animal sponsor or donate to the Mundenhof support association

In the past, the Mundenhof estate was one of the state’s largest agricultural undertakings with field crops, milk production and livestock breeding. A recreation area has developed here over the last century with many special features and close connections between agriculture, animal enclosures and nature education: with 38 hectares, the Mundenhof is the largest zoo in Baden-Württemberg. Domestic and working animal species from all over the world live in the generously proportioned paddocks. In addition, agriculture on about 180 hectares continues to ensure an ecologically sustainable circulatory system.
And there is also the KonTiKi (Kontakt Tier-Kind, animal-child contact) nature education project, enabling children to have direct contact with the animals, nature and the environment.

There is no charge for visiting the Mundenhof animal and nature adventure park, though a visit is not for nothing!

The special thing is that the city of Freiburg does not demand payment to enter the zoo. It is open to all! We need your help to ensure that this remains the case:

  • Thank you for your donation
  • Become a member of the Fördergemeinschaft Freiburger Tiergehege e.V.
  • Support our animals with an animal sponsorship

The animals of the Mundenhof