Welcome to the Mundenhof animal and nature adventure park

The Mundenhof is open! Ticket required for everyone

  • All visitors (including cyclists, pedestrians and also every baby) need an online ticket (free free ticket as a printout or on the mobile phone):
  • The ticket contingents are activated up to five days in advance.
  • There is a fee to travel by car. If several people travel together, a parking ticket and a free ticket for everyone else must be booked.
  • Annual parking ticket holders or visitors with a disabled parking permit can still enter the zoo free of charge, but must also book a free ticket with a time slot for their visit. Whose annual parking card has now expired, when buying a new card, it will be extended by the months that it could not be used due to the closure.
  • The time of admission can be booked for a time window of three hours, but the length of stay with us is unlimited.
  • Access is only permitted to a limited number of people at the same time. Admission is only possible via the main entrance with an online ticket valid for that time. Other accesses are blocked.
  • Please keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from our employees and other visitors. If this is not possible, please wear mouth and nose protection. Please also respect that the zookeepers should currently avoid personal contact with visitors.
  • Our walk-in enclosures and the aquarium are closed.
  • Commented feedings have to be omitted.
  • We are currently unable to offer group tours and other events.
  • The Hofwirtschaft offers food, ice cream and refreshments to go at various locations on the premises.

In the past, the Mundenhof estate was one of the state’s largest agricultural undertakings with field crops, milk production and livestock breeding. A recreation area has developed here over the last century with many special features and close connections between agriculture, animal enclosures and nature education: with 38 hectares, the Mundenhof is the largest zoo in Baden-Württemberg. Domestic and working animal species from all over the world live in the generously proportioned paddocks. In addition, agriculture on about 180 hectares continues to ensure an ecologically sustainable circulatory system.
And there is also the KonTiKi (Kontakt Tier-Kind, animal-child contact) nature education project, enabling children to have direct contact with the animals, nature and the environment.

There is no charge for visiting the Mundenhof animal and nature adventure park, though a visit is not for nothing!

The special thing is that the city of Freiburg does not demand payment to enter the zoo. It is open to all! We need your help to ensure that this remains the case:

  • Thank you for your donation
  • Become a member of the Fördergemeinschaft Freiburger Tiergehege e.V.
  • Support our animals with an animal sponsorship

The animals of the Mundenhof