Mundenhof KonTiKi


Tor mit Tieren verziehrt und der Aufschrift Kontiki

KonTiKi – short for Kontakt-Tier-Kind (animal-child contact) – is the nature education and leisure facility at the animal and nature adventure park at the Mundenhof.

School children and young people can discover nature, animals and sustainability with all their senses. With pedagogical guidance, the children help care for our animals, learn about their way of life, build relationships and thus learn to take responsibility. In addition to interacting with the animals, nature, the environment and direct experience are at the forefront of our work. The children are given space to move freely, to contribute their ideas and to take advantage of play opportunities.

KonTiKi has spacious grounds on the Mundenhof with paddocks, stables and various rooms. The courtyard and garden area also offer a variety of stimuli for exploration and play.

The animal-assisted pedagogical work is supported by the KonTiKi animals. These are accustomed to working with children. The animals include horses, donkeys, mules, alpacas, sheep, goats, many chickens and a cat.

The guiding principle of KonTiKi

Humans, animals, insects, plants... we are all part of nature. In KonTiKi, these aspects should become tangible and understandable for the children. Through the direct and sensual experience, the emotional and social competences are promoted. The children and adolescents learn about their own abilities, their scope of action, but also their limits.

KonTiKi is perceived by the children and adolescents as a space for living, playing and discovering, which they can shape themselves. They are offered a variety of opportunities to be active and creative. In this way, they learn in a playful way to act on their own responsibility with and in nature and experience that they can actively work for the protection of the environment.

Through the educational offers at KonTiKi, children and young people experience that their behavior has an effect on the environment. Together, they develop patterns of action and solution strategies for a responsible approach to the environment. The principles of "Education for Sustainable Development" are central to our daily work.

In a playful and action-oriented way, the children learn to treat animals and plants respectfully and mindfully.


Our offerings for school children and youth include the weekly Open KonTiKi afternoons and the youth group as well as various festivals and events throughout the year.

In the mornings we offer activities for school classes and groups as well as the project "I-you-we with animal". These are supplemented by thematic project weeks of individual groups and classes.

We would also be happy to discuss further project ideas with you and consider together how actions can be implemented.