Mundenhof Activities Bee garden

Bee garden

Biene auf gelber Blüte

Food for our busiest insects

Since 1991 there is the bee house at the old main entrance of the animal enclosure, since 2016 the Mundenhof sets with the bee garden a sign for the survival of our bees. It is impossible to imagine our (surrounding) world without them. To attract them, the flowers in our gardens and the crops in the fields and fields bloom. In Germany, 85 percent of crop and fruit production depends on pollination by honeybees. However, these have been dwindling for years.

The primary purpose of the bee garden and its surroundings is to provide bees and other insects with nectar and pollen. In addition, however, it is also intended to provide visitors with inspiration as to what they can do at home in their own gardens to protect the insect world.

Since the bee garden is intended to give visitors ideas about what they can do in their own gardens to protect the insect world, it is divided into different areas, just like a home garden. There is a gravel bed with perennials that have a long flowering period, an alternating moist trough with appropriate plants, a shade bed and a Mediterranean bed on the south side of the bee house.