Mundenhof KonTiKi Activities


Leisure activities for children and youths over 7

Children and youths not only experience interactions with animals in a natural environment, but also discover nature on adventure activities and rambles through the Mundenhof, the forest and Rieselfeld’s nature reserve on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons in open leisure-time groups.

Educational activities for school classes and other groups

Wednesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to noon

School classes and other groups can actively experience KonTiKi as an extracurricular site of learning on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. New interconnections will be introduced by means of practical activities and observation. Social competences will be enhanced and awareness of responsible treatment of our environment will be raised in group learning.

Holiday activities at KonTiKi

Children can experience all the facets of KonTiKi playfully for a whole week in summer. KonTiKi holiday activities examine a particular different topic each year. Whereby we go beyond the borders of the Mundenhof and look into topics affecting our future, global situations, as well as other countries and cultures.

The celebration of festivals

We celebrate seasonal festivals with the children, youths, their families and visitors to the Mundenhof. We bring traditions, rituals and customs back to life at the Spring Festival, Summer Solstice Festival, Pumpkin Festival and with the Nativity Play. The children not only assist in the preparations, they also introduce the animals with which they work and spend time during the year, or they sell their own KonTiKi-made apple juice and the pumpkins they have harvested.


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