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Mme - you - us with animal

Project to strengthen social competencies and the class climate with a focus on experiential education and animal-assisted pedagogy.


Who and what?

The project "I - You - Us with Animal" is aimed at elementary school classes that want to strengthen their class community.

In four project units of three hours each, we will work with elementary school classes by incorporating experiential education elements, animal-assisted work with sheep and goats (e.g. What can we learn from the social bond of herd animals?), and mindfulness exercises (e.g. How can I take care of myself and others? How can I accept differences in others?) Addressing issues in social interaction.

It is important to us to strengthen the competencies of the individual children and to integrate them into the group as a whole. Reflecting on the learning steps and transferring them to everyday life is a key component in ensuring that the children's social learning is sustainable.  A preparatory meeting and a follow-up meeting in the school round off the project and ensure the connection to the everyday life of the children (-> experiences and lessons become memories).

What do we want to achieve?

The classes perceive a strengthened group feeling after the project unit.
The students get to know themselves and their classmates better and thus recognize their strengths and those of others.
The class agrees and creates something together (e.g. taking care of the animals, solving problems...).
The students acquire new knowledge in dealing with nature and animals.
The class can transfer the acquired competencies into everyday school life.

How and when?

The individual project units last 3 hours each and can be carried out on Mondays. We will be happy to arrange an exact time with you personally.


We charge a flat rate of 120 euros per project unit per class. 

Contact us?

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