Mundenhof Visit Questions and answers

Questions and answers

When is the Mundenhof open?
The Mundenhof is open at all times because we do not charge any entrance fee. We welcome your donations!

Where can one buy the annual car park ticket?
From the information office at the town hall, from the Mundenhof’s administration offices and, on Sundays, from the car park service.

How can I become a member of the Society?
You will find information on membership at the web site of the Fördergemeinschaft Freiburger Tiergehege e. V. and can join online.

Can school classes book a guided tour?
Yes, we recommend early registration by phone at (0761) 201-6580.

Can I give my canary / guinea pig / minipig to the zoo?
No, the Mundenhof does not accept any animals. The animal home is responsible for this. Tel.: (0761) 84444.

Do you accept plants for overwintering?
No, we are a zoo. The municipal nursery, also located at the Mundenhof, is responsible for this. Tel.: (0761) 892417.

Can I purchase fish from you?
No, but the Aquarium Club, which maintains the aquariums here at the Mundenhof, sells fish and plants every Friday between 6.00 and 8.00 p.m.

Can one gain practical work experience at the Mundenhof?
It is possible to gain practical work experience in animal husbandry or horticulture and landscaping in order to be able to gain a behind-the-scenes view and get to know the particular profession.
For those with Abitur (university entrance examinations) who are interested in politics and administration, as well as organisation and planning, the city of Freiburg has offered a voluntary training year since 2009 with a post in the administration of the Mundenhof. Information: (0761) 201-6580.
A voluntary ecological year can be completed at the KonTiKi nature education project. One works with animals and children during this year. For those studying social work it is possible to complete a practical semester at KonTiKi (minimum length: 4 months). Information: (0761) 201-6593.

May one bring dogs to the Mundenhof?
Yes, on a leash. Yes, on a leash.

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