Mundenhof Activities


You can book a variety of tours for your annual company outing, your club, a birthday or for school classes and social institutions. Or accompany our animal keepers on their feeding rounds. more...

Activities at KonTiKi

KonTiKi (Kontakt-Tier-Kind = animal-child contact) is the nature education and leisure facility at the Mundenhof. more...

Holiday visits and other activities for children

The Mundenhof offers a variety of holiday and adventure activities for children – from the near-natural playground, through children’s nature-based day care centres, to numerous holiday activities. more...

Camel rides

Rides on the “ship of the desert” through Rieselfeld can be arranged for groups, individuals, for birthday parties, oras projects for school classes.
120 euros for three camels, duration approx. 90 minutes

Regine Köster, Tel. 0170-76 61 942,

Animal sponsorship

You can support our animals with an animal sponsorship. If youhave not yet chosen an animal that you would like to sponsor youcan look for your personal favourite animal during your next visit.It will thank you, because your donation is exclusively for him orher and his or her upkeep.

Manfred Fruhmann, Tel. 0761/ 201-6580,

Covered wagon rides

For groups, around the animal enclosures and to the naturereserve in Freiburg’s Rieselfeld or in the surroundingarea.
100 euros per hour

Manfred Fruhmann, Tel. 0761/ 201-6580,

The Freiburg Aquarium Club

Advice and sales of bred freshwater and seawater fish orcrustaceans and plankton, cuttings from aquatic plants, coral,macroscopic algae, etc.

Fridays, 6.30 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. at the display aquariums
Info: Herr Herrmann, 

The art mundi sculpture school

A studio collective for sculpturing instone

art mundi – a studio collective for sculpturing instone

Tel. 07668/ 7600,,

Studio collective – art compound at the Mundenhof