Below you will find inexpensive and free ways to get food, clothing, tableware and furnishings. In some of the shops, you need a confirmation from the Office for Migration and Integration that you are receiving benefits under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act, combined unemployment and welfare benefits (ALG II) or the like. With this confirmation, some shops will also give you a customer card, which you must present with every purchase.

Freiburg Food Bank

Food and drugstore items (handed out for a small amount of money with customer card)

Issue of customer card: Mo und Di 10-11.30 Uhr; Mi und Do 15-16.30 Uhr

Note:  Only people who have a possibility to cook by themselves are allowed to shop at the Freiburg Food Bank. People living in a refugee centre that provides the meals cannot buy food here.

Clothing Store, Freiburg Social Work Association

Clothing and tableware (handed out for free with customer card)

Issue of customer card:
Di 14-17 Uhr

Clothing Store, German Red Cross

Clothing (Condition: presentation of confirmation from the Office for Migration and Integration, see above)

Mother and Child Support Circle

Clothing up to size 128 for babies and children (free, condition: presentation of ID and proof of income)

Spinnwebe – Second-Hand Centre, Protestant Church Social Services (Diakonie)

Household goods, clothing and furniture

Fairkauf – Used Goods Department Store, Catholic Church Social Services (Caritas)

Clothing, furniture and other used goods

S'Einlädele Freiburg, City Mission

Clothing, household goods, household linen

Hand-2-Hand, City Mission

Household goods, electrical appliances, furniture, books