Recreational Opportunities

Freiburg offers a very wide range of opportunities for recreational activities. They are too numerous to list here. Below the "Note on insurance options", there is a list of contacts that can show you where to find recreational opportunities.

Note on insurance options

You can insure yourself against many risks in Germany. The main insurance policies are health insurance and liability insurance.
Health insurance: If you work, you have health insurance through your employer. If you receive benefits under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act, you can also receive medical care, see "Health".
Liability insurance: This insurance pays for the damage if you have unintentionally inflicted material damage on another person. If you do not have liability insurance, you must pay for the damage yourself. In Germany, most people have liability insurance cover. Liability insurance does not cost a lot of money and is very useful for anyone.
If you own a car or a motorbike, you are obliged to take out liability insurance for your vehicle. This insurance also pays when you have unintentionally inflicted material damage on another person while driving your car or motorcycle.
All other insurance policies: Every form of insurance coverage costs money. This is why you should carefully consider what insurance you really need. Seek advice if you are unsure whether you need insurance. If you want to buy insurance, it is good to compare the offers of different insurance providers. You can withdraw from a contract within 2 weeks.
You will find detailed information on insurance in the "Welcome to Germany" brochure of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees at

Information and Making Contacts

If you are interested in recreational activities, please contact your Social Service Centre. They can help you if you are interested in a particular sport, making music or in another recreational activity, for example. They can also help you if you want to know what is available in your neighbourhood.

Most recreational offers (for example, sports clubs) also have a website with contact information. People in Freiburg are very open to refugees, and you can simply contact them directly and ask if you can participate (for example, by going there in person or by writing an e-mail in English or German).
Bildungs-und Freizeitangebote

Youth Centres

There are also Youth Centres for children and adolescents that offer various recreational activities.

Immigrant Associations

Another option is joining an association or group of immigrants who live in Freiburg. You can find these under "Immigrant Associations".

Volunteer Services

There are also many people in Freiburg who provide various services in their spare time, especially for refugees, for example accompanying them to appointments with government agencies or doctors, acting as a sponsor, teaching German courses or coaching sports. You can also contact your Social Service Centre if you want to use these services of so-called "volunteers".

You will also find many of the volunteer services on the following website. However, the website is currently only available in German:


Persons receiving benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act are entitled to the free Freiburg Pass. With this pass, you get discounts on various offers in Freiburg, such as museums, concerts, theatre, educational programmes, libraries and more. For detailed information (in German), go to:

You can get a Freiburg Pass at the following office. Your Social Service Centre can help you with the application.

Office for Social Affairs and Seniors, City of Freiburg