Freiburg Public Transit

Freiburger Verkehrs AG

Mobile in life – right across Freiburg. The VAG light rail cars and buses will quickly and comfortably take you through the city and to the adjacent communities in the area. Wherever you want to go, the next stop is not far away. Just hop on!

The VAG buses and trains run daily from 5:30 to 0:30 on a reliable schedule. At night, from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday and before specific holidays, Lines 1 and 3 as well as trams between Rieselfeld and Zähringen leave from Bertoldsbrunnen every 30 minutes between 0:30 and 4:30.

The traffic lights are switched so that the VAG-vehicles always have the right of way in urban transport. On special occasions such as SC Freiburg football games, trade fairs and the ZMF music festival, additional buses and train are put in use. For free and easy transfer: 6 Park & Ride sites ensure that you can transfer to public transit without stress and save you the trouble of looking for a parking space downtown. The P & R sites are marked on the VAG network map. You will find the current connections on the Internet at

You can also get information about the current schedule at any time by calling (0761) 45 11-5 00 or by visiting the VAG Customer Service Centre pluspunkt, Salzstraße 3, bus stop Bertoldsbrunnen, where you can also get tickets, fare information or buy gift certificates and the popular VAG merchandise items.

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 8:00 - 19:00, Sat 8:30 - 16:00

Tickets are also available at the stationary and mobile ticket vending machines, in the VAG sales outlets and from the staff on buses and trains. And if you feel like celebrating with friends and acquaintances, why not book the party car to celebrate a lively party with your guests in cheerful company before a changing backdrop as you are moving through the city life of Freiburg.

For more information and reservations, call

0761/ 45 11-2 17 oder -2 18.


Single Ticket

Fare 1 2,30 Euro
Fare 2 4,00 Euro
Fare 3 5,70 Euro
Fare 1 1,40 Euro
Fare 2 2,40 Euro
Fare 3 3,40 Euro

2x4 Ticket

Fare 1 16,10 Euro
Fare 2 28,00 Euro
Fare 3 39,90 Euro
Fare 1 9,80 Euro
Fare 2 16,80 Euro
Fare 3 23,80 Euro

Points Ticket

20 points= 14,40 Euro
Fare 1 3 points
Fare 2 5 points
Fare 3 7 points


1 Person + 4 Children (up to 14 years of age)
Fare 1 6,00 Euro
Fares 2/3 12,00 Euro
5 Persons
Fare 1 12,00 Euro
Fares 2/3 24,00 Euro

Information for refugees

The following information is intended for refugees without recognition as asylum-seekers or as refugees (people before the start of the asylum procedure, in the middle of the asylum procedure or people whose deportation has been suspended). Refugees who have been recognized as asylum seekers or refugees can find the information relevant to them on the remaining pages of the guide, which is intended for all migrants.

On the Go in Freiburg


Quite a lot of people in Freiburg use bicycles as a means of transportation. Your Social Service Centre may be able to help you get a bicycle. There are also many places that will help you repair your bicycle if it is broken.

Here you will find the most important traffic rules for cyclists:
Broschüre: Fahrradfahren – aber richtig! Regeln, Informationen und Tipps.

Information about road safety in Germany:

Driving license for a car, motorcycle and the like

If you have a foreign driving license, you can still use it for up to 6 months after your arrival in Germany. Then you have to apply for a German license. It could be that you will need to take a driving test again, depending on the country in which you received your driving license. Such re-testing is relatively costly. For more information, contact your Social Service Centre or the following driving license office.

Driving License Office, Office for Public Order

Issue of driving licenses
Conversion of a foreign driving license

Trams and Buses

You will need a ticket to use a tram or bus. Riding without a valid ticket is a criminal offense. If you cannot present a valid ticket to a ticket inspector on a tram, bus or train, you must pay a penalty. Furthermore, this may have consequences for your asylum procedure.

Tickets for the tram are available at ticket machines in the trams and at various tram stops. Tickets for buses are available from the bus driver. A price list can be found below. You must validate your ticket in the tram or bus by inserting it in a stamping machine.

You can find a map of the bus and tram lines and the current timetables on the Internet at You can also get information on the current timetables by calling pluspunkt, the customer service centre of the Freiburg Transit Authority [Freiburger Verkehrs AG (VAG)] at any time.
Trams and buses run daily from 5:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. at night. In addition, trams run during the night from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday and, prior to certain public holidays, from 12:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m.

pluspunkt, Customer Service Centre of the Freiburg Transit Authority (VAG)

Advice, information and ticket sales