Women and Girls

In Freiburg, there are lots of counselling and information centres specifically for women and girls. All women and girls can get information and support at the “Stelle zur Gleichberechtigung der Frau” (Office for Equality of Women) of the City of Freiburg.

The Constitution (Article 3, Paragraph 2) of the Federal Republic of Germany states:

Men and women shall have equal rights. The state shall promote the actual implementation of equal rights for women and men and take steps to eliminate disadvantages that now exist.

The Office for Equality of Women is committed to ensuring that this law is being implemented in Freiburg. For this purpose, it cooperates with many partners inside and outside the city administration. The Commissioner for Women’s Rights advises citizens, supports women’s organizations, creates networks of individual stakeholders, develops concepts, organizes events and raises the issue of equality in public debate again and again.
Why are there special services for women and girls?
Women and girls can of course get help with various issues (see respective issue) from any general counselling service. But beyond that, there are certain situations such as being the victim of violence, in which it is important for women and girls to get special help and advice specifically for them.

Here is an overview of central service centres:

Office for Equality of Women (Stelle zur Gleichberechtigung der Frau)

Municipal office for the implementation of equal rights in Freiburg

Counselling for women and men on gender equality, equal opportunity and equal rights. Help for citizens and City Council staff members seeking advice, networking, public relations, information

Empowering Women in the Neighbourhood (FrauenSTÄRKEN im Quartier)

Offers a program for women of different origins at venues in various districts of Freiburg. The aim is to get in touch with each other, to discuss ideas and build networks. The focus is on issues concerning one’s personal and professional life.
There are five women’s centres in the city:

In the Haslach District

In the Landwasser District

In the Littenweiler District

In the Stühlinger District

In the Zähringen District

Freiburg Health Center for Women and Girls (Frauen- und MädchenGesundheits Zentrum Freiburg e. V.) - FMGZ

Health counselling centre for women and girls

we are also happy to call in an interpreter upon prior agreement

Information, advice and support for girls and women in health questions
and problems concerning as gynaecological issues, birth control, eating disorders, self-harming, mental problems, therapy, etc.

MigraCenter (MigraZentrum e. V.)

Centre for women who are the victim of genital mutilation, counselling, support, education,
lectures for qualified personnel

Education about medical and legal consequences, individual support, advice and assistance, help with medical, psychological, social and legal issues.

Counselling center for women experiencing domestic violence (Frauen-Beratungsstelle bei häuslicher Gewalt)

Counselling centre for women and their children subjected to and at risk of domestic violence

The counselling centre for women subjected to domestic violence provides information and advice
  • in all cases of domestic violence,
  • after your husband/partner has been expelled from your residence
  • in case of stalking by your (ex-)partner
  • in case of impending forced marriage

Freiburg Intervention Project against Domestic Violence (FRIG)

Networking, cooperation and coordination of institutions that deal with domestic violence

Services: Support and referral of persons affected by domestic violence (any violence between adults in family relationships), PR work and further training on the subject

Note: Office accessible to the handicapped

Counselling Center "Frauenhorizonte" – against sexual violence (Anlauf- und Fachberatungsstelle Frauenhorizonte – gegen sexuelle Gewalt e. V.)

Women’s and Children’s Shelter (Frauen- und Kinderschutzhaus)

Protection and temporary shelter for women and children subjected to violence

The women’s shelter provides protection and accommodation for women and children
Who have experienced domestic violence. Our staff will advise and support you in all
questions concerning domestic violence.

Support Association for Mothers and Children (Helferkreis für Mutter und Kind e. V.)

This association provides help for women with children and for families in a variety of difficult situations

Free clothing for children up to 6 years of age, strollers, cribs etc.,
opportunities to talk about problems, financial assistance, assistance during appointments at government agencies etc.

Please bring:Passport or identity card

"IN VIA" International Center for Girls and Women in the Archdiocese of Freiburg (Internationaler Mädchen- und Frauentreff von IN VIA in der Erzdiözese Freiburg e. V)

Open counselling services and projects for girls and women from immigrant or non-immigrant families

  • Individual counselling
  • Girls’ groups
  • Projects and courses
  • Recreational and creative activities
  • Girls’ circus

Wendepunkt e. V.

Special agency against sexual abuse of girls and boys

German Child Protection Agency (Deutscher Kinderschutzbund)

Kreisverband Freiburg / Breisgau- Hochschwarzwald e. V.

Wildwasser - Association, counselling center for girls experiencing sexual abuse (Beratungsstelle gegen sexuellen Missbrauch an Mädchen)

Wildwasser supports girls and women who experienced sexual abuse in their childhood or adolescence

  • Counselling for victims and caregivers (also per E-mail)
  • Group counselling
  • Assistance during criminal proceedings
  • Prevention workshops in schools / youth groups
  • Educational courses and information events

Counselling center for women from non-EU countries – immigration counselling of the Freiburg Caritas Association (Anlaufstelle für Frauen aus Nicht-EU-Ländern – Fachdienst Migration Caritasverband Freiburg-Stadt e. V.)

Counselling for women from Non-EU countries / bi-national couples

International women's café; support with personal problems, marriage and family, education and profession

Please bring:
ID documents, residence documents

AIDS counselling for women & families, "SkF-Treff" Freiburg (AIDS-Beratung für Frauen & Familien)

Counselling centre of the Social Services Association of Catholic Women. Confidential, free and
anonymous on request

Information about HIV and AIDS, counselling and support of HIV-infected women and their families, information sessions for groups about protection against HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, group meetings for HIV-infected women

Please bring:
Please call your counsellor to find out what to bring

Women in the Freiburg "Südwind" Association (Frauen im Südwind Freiburg e. V.)

Support for immigrant women with the language and written word, practical help and opportunities to meet

  • Literacy and language courses
  • Everyday help
  • Need-based services
  • Orientation tours
  • Afternoon tea
  • Cycling courses
  • Excursions

The Südwind building in Lorettostraße is wheelchair-accessible. Children are welcome.

Protestant Church Charity Freiburg: counselling for pregnant women and women dealing with unwanted pregnancies (Diakonisches Werk Freiburg: Schwangeren- und Schwangerschaftskonfliktberatung)

  • General counselling for pregnant women
  • Advice for women dealing with unwanted pregnancies
  • Immigration issues during pregnancy
  • Family planning
  • Prenatal screening
  • Counselling in case of separation
  • Confidential birth
  • Online support

Please bring:
Proof of how you make a living as well as your rental agreement, identity card and maternity log

"FreiRaum" – help for homeless women (Hilfen für Frauen in Wohnungsnot)

FreiRaum offers homeless women free counselling in a protected environment concerning all questions and problems that may arise in connection with homelessness.

  • A room to rest and stay a while, drink coffee, read the paper (women’s shelter)
  • Support with issues of making a living
  • Information about your right to welfare benefits and support in getting them
  • Support in dealing with government agencies
  • Support in arranging accommodation