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Green Economy and Research

A strong network for innovative technologies

New value creation chains have become established and continue to be established in Freiburg, from basic research to technology transfer and global marketing. The environment and the economy do not represent contradictions here, rather the environmental industry is one of the key industries in the city and region.

Cluster Green City

The regional cluster initiative launched by the FWTM, the company responsible for promotion of business, tourism and trade fairs in Freiburg, has been linking up the 145 cross-sector cluster stakeholders from the solar and environmental industries since 2009. Its sphere of activity ranges from networking and communications and public relations work to location marketing and participation in trade fairs. The initiation of cooperative partnerships between cluster members, the use of synergies in joint projects and, not least, the safeguarding and creation of jobs for Freiburg and the region are an indication of the excellent networking of the companies. A key partner here is the „ Wirtschaftsverband 100 Prozent Erneuerbare Energien – WEE100%”

Jointly promoting an alternative energy strategy

Apart from the cluster initiative, there are also other networks that promote the transfer of knowledge in the region and push forward its alternative energy strategy: It‘s not just the „WEE 100%“ that is committed to the political goal of providing energy from renewable energy sources.

The „Klimapartner Oberrhein” (Upper Rhine Climate Partners) actively promote climate protection and create an awareness and knowledge of energy-saving opportunities through information, networking and further education. The Solar Info Center, a technology and service centre for renewable energies, pools a number of professional partners for energyoptimised design, construction and business and thus provides effective access to sustainable solutions, which are both ecologically and economically sound.

The Freiburg Environmental and Renewable Energy Business Network includes research institutions, like the Fraunhofer Institutes, the International Solar Energy Society (ISES), a global umbrella association, the Oeko-Institute and many international companies, as well as regional trade firms, suppliers and service providers.

Green lighthouses and expertise

This network is the foundation for the development of innovative and green lighthouse projects. The Green City Tower – an approximately 48-metre high-rise residential and commercial block – has evolved into a lighthouse project, due to its size and environmental features. Its outstanding hallmark is an innovative energy plan, which Frey Architects, together with various partners, including the Fraunhofer ISE and Siemens AG, wish to realise. According to their vision, the building will generate much of its own power from solar energy, and what‘s more, store the excess in a large lithium-ion battery storage system – a first for a building complex of this size.

(visualization: Architecture Firm Frey)

Freiburg offers consulting, training and further education to prospective students from all over the world. Knowledge and expertise, resources and an infrastructure that includes science, schools, trade associations and environmental organisations all come together here. One of the most successful examples of the international transfer of knowledge is Freiburg‘s cooperation with Italian partners on the development of the Italian Solar Information Centre in Padua and the cooperation agreement with its partner city of Besançon for climate protection and sustainable energy supply.

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