Climate Protection and Energy Supply

District Energy Concepts

Climate protection, energy supply and urban development are inseparable from each other today. Freiburg recognised this fact much earlier than other cities and has been considering energyrelated aspects in the development of urban districts for many years.

Climate Protection as a Factor in District Planning

The energy-related requirements for the new districts of Rieselfeld and Vauban were stipulated as far back as 1992. The „Freiburg Energy-efficient Housing Standard“ for new buildings, introduced thereafter, has exceeded the specifications of the national Energy-saving Ordinance (EnEV) for many years. A basic procedure for „climate protection in land use planning“ was developed to transfer the experience gained to new districts: „Solar optimisation of the development plan“, „Study of energy supply alternatives“ and „Compliance with Freiburg building standards“, were some of the approaches applied in the new residential district of Gutleutmatten. A local heating system incorporating solar heating and combined
heat and power is also being built there in a pilot project, the only one of its kind in Germany.

Climate Protection in existing Building Stock

However, the path to becoming a climate-neutral city involves the energy-saving renovation of existing building stock as well as energy-saving measures in new buildings. Freiburg offers a number of district projects and funding incentives for private households, as well for commerce and industry. It is this kind of projects in particular that need the acceptance of local people. The emphasis here is therefore, above all, on communication and consultation, as well as the involvement of all stakeholders, right from the project development stage.

Green Industry Park

Industry and commerce are also key stakeholders in municipal climate protection. In a joint initiative launched by the City of Freiburg, Fraunhofer ISE, badenova and FWTM, Freiburg‘s largest industrial park in the north is to be further developed to become the energy- and resource-efficient „Green Industry Park Freiburg“. Initial potential cooperative partnerships and individual savings will be identified with the involvement of the local companies, in order to then develop and implement specific measures based on these findings.

Haslach Energy District

The district of Haslach is set to become the fl agship district for pioneering building energy plans. In specific terms, this means the energy-effi cient refurbishment of residential buildings in order to increase their huge potential for energy saving. A consultation plan has been developed to this end which, it is hoped, will motivate owners to take further steps following an initial consultation tailored to their needs. Additional support is provided with specifi c implementation and fi nancing, the use of renewable energy sources and their compatibility with the buildings‘ listed status.

Wiehre Power Plant: Local Electricity and Heat

The City of Freiburg promotes the use of co-generation plants in the Wiehre district with its listed Gründerzeit façades, which it is important to preserve, due to restrictions relating to the energy-efficient renovation of the façades. The project involves the development of individual solutions and provision of financial support for co-generation plants and pilot projects, as well as city-wide consulting services for building owners and owner cooperatives.

Weingarten-West: First Passive High-Rise Building in Germany

To kick off the energy-efficient renovation of the „Weingarten-West“ district, the 16-storey high-rise building at Bugginger Straße 50, which dates back to the 1960s, was converted into Germany‘s fi rst passive high-rise building at a cost of around € 13.4 million, with two more to follow. In addition to energyefficiency measures, the municipal building company, Freiburger Stadtbau, was also primarily concerned with social aspects, such as relocation management, tenant needs, security through price-controlled apartments as well as accessibility and social facilities.


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