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Climate Protection and Energy Supply

Climate protection in Detail

The target of a climate-neutral city can, of course, only be achieved if the City Council succeeds in attracting as many other stakeholders, including companies, energy providers, private households, the university, on board to support its
role as a pioneer. Climate protection is a shared responsibility. Freiburg is focusing here specifi cally on campaigns for private households and district-based projects.

Campaigns and Projects for private Households

Humans‘ everyday behaviour leaves traces in the environment, but at the same time offers opportunities for CO2 savings. The people of Freiburg are directly called upon to become involved in reducing CO2 and thus become ambassadors of sustainability.

Through information and participation projects, like „Freiburg‘s CO2 Diet“, people start becoming more aware of their personal CO2 footprint and the specifi c opportunities for climate protection. In recent years, interested households have been able to test climate-friendly alternatives to their lifestyles and consumption habits in everyday life by becoming involved with projects like the „200 Families Climate Project“ or the „Climate Club“.

The City of Freiburg was presented with an award as part of the „Municipal Climate Protection 2013“ competition for this hands-on campaign and views this as motivation to continue supporting its people in making CO2 savings. The people of Freiburg will be offered opportunities to find out about more effi cient use of resources and test this in practice by means of two-way exchanges – including exchanges with twin cities, like Besançon and Padua.


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