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Thinking globally, acting locally – Freiburg is on board

The UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro adopted Agenda 21 in 1992. Local authorities were thus given a key role in implementing sustainable development. Signing the Aalborg Charter for sustainable development in 1996, Freiburg‘s efforts for greater sustainability were shaped primarily by Local Agenda 21.

The projects and efforts formulated in Local Agenda 21 for a successful sustainability process were expanded to include aspects of administrative modernisation and management. The City of Freiburg signed the Aalborg Commitments in 2006, committing itself to sustainable development based on twelve overarching policy areas, each with five strategic objectives, which have since served as the basis for all political action.

Sustainable projects, supported and carried by the citizens, are extraordinarily diverse. Freiburg mucks in – literally! Apart from sponsoring urban trees, playgrounds and parks, the people of Freiburg takepart in urban gardening, for instance in the Vauban WandelGarten, the Transition Garden, clean-up operations and many more urban ecological projects. For example, the One World Forum organises the Freiburg One World Days and markets fair-trade coffee from Nicaragua. Freiburg‘s Eco-Station and fesa e.V. draw children‘s and young people‘s attention to their global responsibility towards environmental protection with projects like „Don‘t worry, be fair,“ „The Blue Treasure Chest“ and the Freiburg Climate Rally. The Saturday Forum, run by Ecotrinova e.V. and the University, has been offering lectures and excursions on climate protection and sustainable development for many years.

These projects play a key role in the local sustainability process, helping groups, initiatives and citizens to cooperate and network. Sustainable development is lived and breathed in Freiburg and totally supported by its people: their commitment is the basis for the future sustainable development of the city.

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