Sustainable Urban Development

Urban Climate Plan & Innovative Energy Plan

Maintaining a healthy and balanced urban climate is becoming an increasingly important task in times of climate change. This applies especially to the burgeoning City of Freiburg. We therefore urgently need knowledge for further urban development about which areas are particularly exposed to and sensitive to the urban climate and which spaces have a balancing function for the urban climate. The existing urban climate analysis will be revised shortly for this purpose.

Innovative Energy Plan

Energy-saving and „solar optimisation“ principles are incorporated in designs and plans at an early stage in Freiburg, in the orientation and positioning of buildings, for example, or by the application of the mandatory Freiburg „Energy-efficient Housing Standard“. Energy plans are produced for all building areas and the most environmentally-friendly type of energy supply is contractually prescribed, providing that this can be achieved at an identical or relatively minimal (maximum of 10%) additional cost.

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