Clean Air Plan heralds in Freiburg as an "Environmental zone"

In the 1990s Freiburg recorded emissions and, for the first time, produced an air quality plan at a municipal level. Freiburg was the first German city to set up an ozone hotline.

However, in spite of considerable efforts in relation to its transport and environmental policies, the air in Freiburg continues to be polluted by fi ne dust, exhaust fumes and ozone, which is why the Freiburg Regional Administrative Authority, the Regierungspräsidium, drafted the „Freiburg Clean Air Plan“ in March 2006 in line with EU and Federal Government directives.

Alongside traffic management measures, such as the construction of a tunnel under the city and further improvements to local public transport, the Action Plan added in 2009 also provides for the creation of a legally enforceable „environmental zone“ in the city centre from 1 January 2010.

Pollutant class 3 vehicles carrying a yellow sticker were still permitted to enter this zone until 2013. Now the „environmental zone“ can only be entered by Pollutant class 4 „low-emission“ vehicles carrying a green sticker. The extent to which the B 31, the main artery for through-traffic in the city and excluded from the environmental zone to date, will be included in this zone, will be decided in the course of updating the Clean Air Plan.


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