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Climate Protection and Energy Supply

En route to a carbon-neutral community

Climate protection requires international and national agreements and targets, although cities and regions can act as pioneers. Freiburg was getting to grips with climate protection at a time when the issue had not yet reached the political and business agenda, and is now regarded, far beyond the borders of Europe, as a trailblazing climate city.

Both the „Freiburg 2050 - En route to becoming a climate-neutral city“ study, published by the Oeko-Institute, and the feasibility study by the Green City Cluster and the Freiburg Regional Energy Agency show that a region powered by 100% renewable energy can be achieved by 2050.

The target of a climate-neutral city can, of course, only be achieved if the City Council succeeds in attracting as many other stakeholders, including companies, energy providers,
private households, the university, on board to support its role as a pioneer. Climate protection is a shared responsibility.

Climate protection, energy supply and urban development are inseparable from each other today. Freiburg recognised this fact much earlier than other cities and has been considering energyrelated aspects in the development of urban districts for many years.


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