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Sustainable Urban Development

The „Long-term Plan“ is intended to become Freiburg‘s guideline  plan for long-term urban development and the management of its  open spaces. It identifies key areas for potential urban development, such as the expansion of residential areas or how to deal with open spaces.

Freiburg has great momentum for growth as an attractive place to  live and work. However, the city also faces new challenges with this  positive growth. The massive demand for affordable housing requires – beyond inner-city development – the construction of a  new residential district for around 10,000 people.

Maintaining a healthy and balanced urban climate is becoming an increasingly important task in times of climate change. This applies especially to the burgeoning City of Freiburg.

The two most recent quarters Rieselfeld and Vauban are well known for their ecological architecture.

The city attaches a particularly high level of importance to the active and transparent involvement of its citizens in planning processes in Freiburg. The city sets great store by direct districtbased  involvement.

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