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Nature, the City’s Resource

Freiburg is one of the greenest cities in Germany: no other city of a comparable size can offer a larger area of woodland and vineyards and such diversity of habitats and natural spaces.

Freiburg‘s many green spaces are a major factor in its reputation as a green city that offers an exceptional quality of life – indeed the city lies in a natural green space designed by Mother Nature: 660 hectares of green space extend from its outskirts right into the heart of the city.

In the 1990s Freiburg recorded emissions and, for the first time, produced an air quality plan at a municipal level. Freiburg was the first German city to set up an ozone hotline.

The 2004 Soil Status Report for the Freiburg region documented contaminated sites and existing pollution of the soil and groundwater – and recommended precautionary measures, hazard prevention and land reclamation.

Increasing land use, the sealing of soil with hard, impervious surfaces and the increased risk of severe weather caused by climate change all combine to make water conservation and fl ood protection more of a priority.

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