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It is with some justification that Freiburg regards itself as one of the birthplaces of the environmental movement. Freiburg‘s sustainability process began as far back as the 1970s with the successful action against the Wyhl nuclear power plant, one of the founding myths of the alternative-green movement.
This was then continued by socio-civic initiatives that formed part of the „Local Agenda 21“ process and the signing of the Aalborg Commitments, as well as the associated sustainability targets set by the Freiburg Sustainability Council and adopted by the Municipal Council in 2009, which form the basis for any political action.

GreenCity Freiburg Green City Brochure

The new brochure "Freiburg GreenCity - Approaches to Sustainability" provides a comprehensive overview of the ecological competence in the city of Freiburg.

Green City Map Freiburg

The Green City Map shows you selected green hotspots in the Freiburg area. You may purchase it at the Tourist Office in the Town Hall for 1 Euro or download it for free:

New Town Hall in the Stühlinger Quarter

A world-wide Green City lighthouse project, for the city administration of Freiburg.


Environmental Policy in Freiburg

This brochure gives an outline of the environmental policy of the City of Freiburg. It is available in English and French

The city of Freiburg, as one of 10 partners from 6 different countries, is being funded for the EU-Interreg Alpine Space Project Greencycle. Greencycle is all about the introduction of a circular economy system in the Alpine Space with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions.


Information, Inquiry, Professional Tourism Programme

International Affairs Department
Green City Office
Petra Heß
Tel. 0761/ 201-1025
Katharina Pfaff
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Official Partners of the City of Freiburg - Green City

Aiforia-Agency for Sustainability
Freiburg Future Lab
Innovation Academy
OSM Maeda (japanische Delegationen)


Download Pictures of the Green City