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KonTiKi animals


Sheep and goats (called “Schazies” [dearies] at KonTiKi)

The Schazie Paddock contains African pygmy goats, a Cashmere goat and Coburg fox-headed sheep.

The pygmy goats are robust and easy to look after, playful, inquisitive, sociable, and enjoy climbing and jumping. They are also suitable for teaching work with younger children because they are quite small. Jasmine, the white Cashmere goat, is particularly soft and has a character of her own. The Coburg fox-headed sheep are an old breed. They are soft, woolly and warm. They like closeness and being touched, and radiate a comfortable sense of peace. They are very trusting and therefore good for animal-supported work. They also provide good wool for processing.


Like lamas, alpacas belong to the camelid family. They provide warmth and valuable wool, and were already appreciated as livestock by the Incas. Alpacas are strong and tough mountain animals that are very sociable and feel most comfortable in groups. They are sweet-tempered and friendly animals whose appearance – and intelligent, quiet, well-tempered and very sensitive natures – fascinates the children. Alpacas learn quickly but express clear limits (by spitting).

Black Forest chestnuts

Black Forest chestnuts are an old breed of horses that were specially bred for heavy forest work in the Black Forest. They are good natured and undemanding, as well as tough and long-lived. At KonTiKi they are used for equestrian vaulting, riding, drawing coaches, hippotherapy and for walking.

Domestic donkeys and mules

Domestic donkeys are kept as pets and livestock all over the world. They are undemanding, docile, hard-working, clever, inquisitive, temperamental and full of character. They are unjustly accused of being stupid, lazy and obstinate. Donkeys are very clever and can observe and copy activities. They have very strong personalities, are powerful and have stamina. They are among the children’s most popular animals at KonTiKi.
KonTiKi also has two mules among their animals. Mules are created by crossing a horse or pony with a donkey. Like the donkey, they are undemanding and have stamina.

Poitou donkeys

The Poitou donkey is an endangered breed of large donkeys named after the Poitou region in western France. They have been used for breeding mules in France, Germany, the USA and many other, mainly European, countries for hundreds of years. Their long, soft and curly hair and their long ears are very attractive. They are well-tempered and full of character.

Hinterwald cows

There are three Hinterwald cows at KonTiKi. They are one of central Europe’s smallest breeds. The cows have adapted to the environmental conditions in the hills of the Black Forest and are therefore very tough.


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