24 May 2023 to 14 January 2024

Crystal Magic – The Hidden Magic of Dark Tourmalines

Museum Natur und Mensch

Tourmalines are not only sought-after gemstones, but also beguiling study objects. Whereas colourful versions are rare and precious, tourmalines that are jet-black on the outside are commonly found ‑ sometimes also in the Black Forest. Initially they appear to be unremarkable, but a fascinating surprise is waiting inside them: cut the crystals into slices; grind these slices until they are wafer thin; and colours, and sometimes incredible pictorial worlds, will emerge out of the darkness. These impressive artworks of nature were created because tourmalines react very sensitively to external influences during their growth, thereby adapting their shape and colour.

Visitors to Paul Rustemeyer’s exhibition are invited to immerse themselves completely in the magical world of crystals, thanks to the wide selection of tourmalines, back-lit cuts, large-sized macro photos and films on display. The aesthetic experience is enhanced by details on the geological and mineralogical backgrounds.

Mandana Moghaddam, Chelgis III, 2006, Videostill © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2022
Turmalinscheibe mit Aufspaltungsmustern, Foto: Paul Rustemeyer