24 June to 17 September 2023

Transformation of the World – Master Sheets by Hendrick Goltzius

Haus der Graphischen Sammlung

The Dutch engraver and painter Hendrick Goltzius (1558-1617) was the first meta-artist of graphic art. Then as now, his virtuosity of craftsmanship and creative pictorial inventions are inspiring. He imitated various stylistic techniques and styles, on which he superimposed his own commentary. Unlike his contemporaries, the multi-talented artist designed, engraved and published himself. His heroes, goddesses and celestials pay homage to the human body and radiate great dynamism. Ancient mythologies and Christian themes were as much a part of his repertoire as moralising allegories.

Wilhelm Hasemann, Nach dem Kirchgang in Gutach, Leihgabe aus Privatbesitz, Foto: Axel Killian
Hendrick Goltzius, nach Cornelis Cornelisz van Haarlem, Phaeton, 1588, Kunstsammlung der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Foto: Katharina Anna Haas