13 March – 13 June 2021

Master Craftswomen of Books - Manuscripts and Early Printings from the Dominican Cloister Adelshausen

Museum für Stadtgeschichte

The women in medieval cloisters were "master craftswomen of books" in many different ways. For them books played a central role, whether in education, religious teaching and liturgy or in the administration. But what manuscripts were there in Adelhausen and other Dominican cloisters? Who organised their acquisition and use? Students from the department of German Medieval Studies are organising this exhibition with pieces from the city, the Adelhausen Foundation and other loans.

Seite aus einem Antiphonarium aus dem Dominikanerinnenkloster St. Katharina
Antiphonarium aus dem Dominikanerinnenkloster St. Katharina, 2. Hälfte 15. Jh. © Adelhausenstiftung Freiburg