Insights into the History of the Collection

Hermann Kober

13.5.1852 – 6.9.1938

Hermann Kober was born on 13 May 1852 in Freiburg. He was a merchant by profession. Kober remained in contact with the Museum für Natur- und Völkerkunde for a long time. Over the years he maintained brief, shared correspondence with the museum founders, which resulted in several donations. Further details about his life are unknown. Hermann Kober died on 6 September 1938 in Freiburg.

Kober Donation

Hermann Kober's donations consisted exclusively of natural history objects. His first donation to the museum in 1896 comprised seven reptiles. Further objects were added to the collection over the years up until 1909: a polecat, two squirrels, six native birds, five snakes, a lizard, eight newts, two midwife toads, two glass containers with various insects and a kestrel egg.

Hawk, Zoological Collection, photo: Axel Killian
Hawk, Zoological Collection, photo: Axel Killian