29/11/2016 - 08/10/2017


National Socialism in Freiburg

Perpetrators, victims, hangers-on, opportunists, resistance fighters, “border crossers” – even today, the tragic fates, the cruel behaviour or the courageous opposition of the people who lived during National Socialist times still haunt our public perception. For the first time, the Augustinermuseum and the Museum für Stadtgeschichte Freiburg (Freiburg City History Museum) are exploring this topic in partnership with the city archive in a major special exhibition.

Alongside the questions “WhoWhyHowWhat”, the exhibition discusses the reasons for the acceptance of/enthusiasm for the National Socialist regime among many residents of Freiburg. Many exhibits also depict the fate of those who were segregated and persecuted for political or racist-biological reasons. All events, symbols, locations and persons have a clear reference to Freiburg. Especially the role of the university, Freiburg’s status as a border town, and the strong position of the Roman Catholic Church are explored.

A central aspect of the exhibition is the link between the exhibition objects in the museum and places in the city. An audio guide compiled by Freiburg schoolchildren marks important places and objects in the museum and in the city. It tells of the people of that period and explores current issues. The comprehensive accompanying programme for the exhibition will be introduced in a special flyer.