The green, green grass of home

Green spaces and nature conservation areas

Freiburg‘s many green spaces are a major factor in its reputation as a green city that offers an exceptional quality of life – indeed the city lies in a natural green space designed by Mother Nature: 660 hectares of green space extend from its outskirts right into the heart of the city.

Design elements, recreation and play areas

For over 20 years, the city has been maintaining its green spaces along natural and ecological principles. The use of pesticides has long since been abandoned. Grass is now mown only twice a year, compared with twelve times a year previously, which has significantly benefited the diversity of species in the grassland areas. 50,000 trees line the streets and punctuate the parklands, improving the microclimate in the city. 4,000 allotments help many families not just to enrich their diet and enjoy havens of retreat, but also create a close relationship with nature.

Of the 150 playgrounds in Freiburg, 46 now been returned to a more natural state, in collaboration with children and parents.

Conservation areas and biotopes

6,996 hectares, 46% of Freiburg‘s land area, are made up of landscaped conservation areas and 683 hectares represent designated nature conservation areas. 3,623 hectares also have protected status under the European Natura 2000 network of protected nature conservation areas. The city also has a further 200 hectares of specially protected habitats outside of the protected areas.

Freiburg offers a wide diversity of different natural spaces and biotopes within a relatively small area: from mountain meadows and woodland on the Schauinsland mountain, with their rare species of fauna and fl ora, such as capercaillie and arnica, to the Mooswald Forest and the warm and dry habitats of the Tuniberg colonised by a wealth of Mediterranean species, such as the emerald lizard. The City Council gives top priority to the designation and implementation of a Municipal Species Protection Plan.

The Schauinsland area of Freiburg forms part of the Southern Black Forest Nature Reserve (the second-largest nature reserve in Germany covering 370,000 hectares) and will in future also form part of the Southern Black Forest Biosphere Reserve. As a member of the Southern Black Forest Nature Reserve Association e.V., the City of Freiburg supports the aim of continuing the development of the Southern Black Forest in terms of nature conservation, tourism, agriculture and forestry and urban planning.

Thanks to its precautionary policy of maintaining protected areas, the City of Freiburg has done much towards creating new recreation and adventure spaces for people and, at the same time, safeguarding the natural heritage for future generations – an aim further assisted by Freiburg‘s accession to the „Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance“.

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