30th November 2019 to 19th April 2020

Secrets of the Pictures. The paintings of Hans Baldung Grien


Hans Baldung Grien (1484/85–1545) was one of the most outstanding artists of the Renaissance. The high altarpiece of Freiburg Minster is among his main works; the Augustinermuseum houses further important works. The originals will be going on tour in the major regional exhibition “Hans Baldung Grien. Sacred | Profane”: from 30th November to 8th March they can be seen in the Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe, whilst the Augustinermuseum will be allowing us a glance behind the scenes with a cabinet exhibition that reveals the secrets of the pictures.

In partnership with the Stuttgart Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste (State Academy of Art & Design), the works have been examined in advance using art technology methods. What do we know about the arrow-swinging “Amor” or the “Mary with the Sleeping Child”, her eyes filled with foreboding? Which materials and techniques did Baldung use? And how do state-of-the-art analysis techniques work? Visitors are invited to search for clues.

© Augustinermuseum – Städtische Museen Freiburg,  Hans Baldung Grieb, Amor mit flammenden Pfeil, um 1530, UV-Fluoreszenzuntersuchung

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